Product description


The innovative TCS range represents a breakthrough in string technology. This modified polyethylene string has a special textured surface that provides the ball extreme spin. The ball has a much longer contact time on the string bed which makes it easier to control strokes and play more precise angles. The control and spin potential provided by this string can be felt immediately. A string designed especially for topspin and tournament players who particularly value control and spin potential.

Recommend Tension: This range should be strung at 2 - 4 lbs higher tension than a basic polyester string.

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TCS (12m Set/1.20mm) $19.95 Out of stock
TCS (12m Set/1.25mm) $19.95
TCS (12m Set/1.30mm) $19.95
TCS (200m Reel/1.20mm) $249.00
TCS (200m Reel/1.25mm) $249.00
TCS (200m Reel/1.30mm) $249.00

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