Product description

Hightec Premium

Hightec Premium utilises a new premium grade soft polymer composition provides a vital degree of flex that magnifies the sweet spot for increased control and power. These new softer Hightec softer polymers provide never seen before softness during play, with reduced vibration transfer to the arm, whilst still giving ultra durability and excellent tension stability. An excellent choice for recreational and tournament players.

Recommend Tension: This range should be strung at 2 - 4 lbs higher tension than a basic polyester string.

Product Price Qty
Hightec Premium (12m Set/1.20mm) $14.95
Hightec Premium (12m Set/1.25mm) $14.95
Hightec Premium (12m Set/1.30mm) $14.95
Hightec Premium (200m Reel/1.20mm) $199.00 Out of stock
Hightec Premium (200m Reel/1.25mm) $199.00
Hightec Premium (200m Reel/1.30mm) $199.00

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