Product description

Black Venom Rough

With the same all round performance provided by the original Black Venom, the new Black Venom Rough introduces a rough textured string surface structure to provide added spin, ball bite and improved control. Our specially developed Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) provides this string with long-lasting resilience as well as ample control. The Polyfibre Black Venom Rough is a string for the professional tour / topspin player whose game requires high levels of power, control and feel.

Recommend Tension: This range should be strung at 2 - 4 lbs higher tension than a basic polyester string.

Product Price Qty
Black Venom Rough (12m Set/1.25mm) $22.95
Black Venom Rough (200m Reel/1.25mm) $269.00

All prices listed are in Australian dollars