Product description


The flexibility and high elasticity which are the distinguishing features of this world class co-polymer string set it clearly apart from tradition polyester strings. A thermo coating has significantly increased the string's durability and minimized the tension loss, so that a constant level of control is guaranteed and its playing characteristics remain practically unchanged throughout its life. An excellent all-around string which is very easy on the arm and suitable for all players. The thinner gauge strings offer high elasticity and acceleration, whereas the thicker gauges gives you more control and durability.

Recommend Tension: This range should be strung at 2 - 4 lbs higher tension than a basic polyester string.

Product Price Qty
Hightec (12m Set/1.10mm) $12.95
Hightec (12m Set/1.15mm) $12.95
Hightec (12m Set/1.20mm) $12.95
Hightec (12m Set/1.25mm) $12.95
Hightec (12m Set/1.30mm) $12.95
Hightec (200m Reel/1.10mm) $169.00
Hightec (200m Reel/1.15mm) $169.00
Hightec (200m Reel/1.20mm) $169.00
Hightec (200m Reel/1.25mm) $169.00
Hightec (200m Reel/1.30mm) $169.00

All prices listed are in Australian dollars