Product description


Using a new polymer core, this string offers an unprecedented level of comfort, similar to that of a natural gut. The string is also pre-stretched, giving maximum tension stability. It has a new special rippled surface featuring hundreds of distinct grooves for more power and spin. The surface aids in storing additional kinetic energy generated during contact, which is then released after impact. The player gets maximum power but still maintain optimum control. A string for players who want maximum power for minimum striking force, excellent feel and optimum arm protection.

Recommend Tension: This range should be strung at 2 - 4 lbs higher tension than a basic polyester string.

Product Price Qty
Cobra (12m Set/1.20mm) $23.95
Cobra (12m Set/1.25mm) $23.95
Cobra (12m Set/1.30mm) $23.95
Cobra (200m Reel/1.20mm) $279.00
Cobra (200m Reel/1.25mm) $279.00
Cobra (200m Reel/1.30mm) $279.00

All prices listed are in Australian dollars