Product description

Drop Down Lines´╗┐

These Drop Down Line packs consist of new Extra Long Straight Lines - 50cm rather than 35cm … giving you 40% extra court coverage, and 28cm Corner Markers. Polytec Drop Down Lines have superior anti-slip properties, unlike many other products on the market that offer an inferior rubber compound.

Our special formulation based on pure silicone decreases slip, increases flexibility and sits flatter on the court surface. They are easy to wash or wipe clean to ensure good visibility and durability, and maximum court grip. They are also highly temperature resistant; thanks to their chemical properties, unlike rubber, our lines will not be affected by the very high temperatures of the court surface. Best of all the value is unbeatable, with this new range 25%-35% more cost effective than most competitors.

Product Price Qty
Corner Markers (Pack of 4) $18.95
Extra Long Drop Down Lines (Pack of 4) $18.95

All prices listed are in Australian dollars