Product description

Heavy Duty Ball Cart


The new and upgraded V3.0 ball cart and ball bags are now available!

We are proud to introduce the best ball carts in the market; an all new V3.0 Heavy Duty ball cart designed for improved stability and durability. Each feature has been customised to make it suitable for the harsh conditions on Australian tennis courts. Our new ball carts include:

  • Larger and super strong legs
  • Heavy Duty joints
  • Large premium wheels for easy use on clay courts / rough surfaces
  • Heavy Duty Zips
  • Multiple pockets on 3 sides for accessory & iPad storage, etc.
  • Bag divider to allow multiple ball types to be separated without mixing
  • Deeper bag for greater ball capacity (recommended max. 150 balls, but can hold 200)
  • 2 Racquet Holders that clip on to the sides of the basket to hold up to 6 racquets while you are on court
  • Accessory Tray that inserts into the base of the frame, allowing for plenty of extra storage

Each Ball Cart comes with a BLUE tennis ball bag.

Additional ball bags are available separately in RED / ORANGE / GREEN colours, to make Red / Orange / Green junior ball storage even easier!

Product Price Qty
V3.0 Heavy Duty Ball Cart with Blue Ball Bag $199.95
Additional Blue Ball Bag $49.95
Additional Red Ball Bag $49.95
Additional Orange Ball Bag $49.95
Additional Green Ball Bag $49.95

All prices listed are in Australian dollars