Product description

Everlast Ball Tubes

EVERLAST Ball Tubes.

Available in Red and Yellow, and made to 2 different lengths:
LARGE - Holds 20 Balls
MEDIUM - Holds 15 Balls

Each ball tube is suitable to pick up all ball sizes including regular balls, and orange / green and red low compression balls.....that's right, even the larger 75mm diameter red low compression balls will fit into the Everlast Ball Tube!

Each tube also comes specially fitted with:

  • 3 point rubber mount to allow you to hang the ball tube in any convenient location
  • Tennis Measuring Mark on the side - so you can also use the ball tube to measure and check the correct net height!

Product Price Qty
Yellow Ball Tube Large (20 balls) $39.95
Yellow Ball Tube Medium (15 balls) $34.95
Red Ball Tube - Large (20 balls) $39.95
Red Ball Tube - Medium (15 balls) $34.95

All prices listed are in Australian dollars