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Polyfibre HEXABLADE - Read the Review

Read the Official POLYFIBRE HEXABLADE String Review by the Tennis Depot USA - Rating 9/10

String Review: Polyfibre Hexablade by thetennisdepot

The Tennis Depot Playtest team recently took to the courts to test out Polyfibre’s newest co-poly, Polyfibre Hexablade and our playtest finished with all 3 of our playtesters satisfied with its performance. Polyfibre describes Hexablade as a hexagonal profile string which provides extra grip on the ball’s felt, producing optimum spin. A positive side-effect of this surface structure is that the string notches quickly, preventing slippage. The Polyfibre Hexablade feels slightly stiffer than other strings, but thanks to Polyfibre’s Standardised Molecular Distribution Technology (SMD) it is extremely durable, and its high dynamic elasticity makes it particularly easy on the arm.

On Court: This string felt very soft when compared to other co-polyester strings. Among all textured strings we have tested to date, Polyfibre Hexablade tops the list in the comfort and feel categories. The string lasted on average 14 hours before breaking with all 3 play-testers being 5.5-6.0 players. The spin was on par with the spin production leaders. Our playtest team was very satisfied with the overall performance of this string and would rate Polyfibre Hexablade the following (out of 10): Power: 8, Spin: 9.5, Comfort: 9, Durability: 9, Tension Stability: 8, Control: 9, Feel: 8.5, Overall: 9/10